Creating Growth Strategies

“We need to create a five-year vision for this fast-growing brand, but three of our markets have distinctly different directions. Help!”

“We have a product formula, but need help building the proposition that wraps around it.”

“We need a new product line for one of our segments. But we don’t know which segment and we have no idea what they want.”

“We’re suffering from growth through acquisitions and mergers. We need help to improve brand portfolio efficiency.”

“How do we reinvent this well-known brand to re-connect with our 40+ year old target?”

Building Innovation Capability and Culture

“We need to lead a marketing transformation, from a group of product and sale-focused people, to a consumer-led organisation.”

“With the limited resources I have, I need a team that thinks differently to deliver more value and profit to my business.”

“We have a very political leadership team and need help identifying and gaining alignment around the strategic priorities for the next three years.”

“We have Innovation in our title, but we don’t have the capability … help us build it in a sustainable and practical way.”

“Our company needs to become more customer-focused. Help us develop and embed a process for finding insights and using them to drive new product development and communications.”

Solving Business Challenges

“We want our customer complaints handling process to be Best Practice. Help us to build something that we can become known for.”

“We have to create new news for this brand or it will be de-listed. We also need to get buy-in from our sales team as well as our retail customers!”

“We don’t have a clear and strong marketing planning process. Help us to create something that works for both regional and local markets and gets the full support of the leadership team.”

“We need to review the performance of our existing operations model and design the future proofed model for the decade ahead.”

“The customer experience is awful. We need to design a whole new business model.”

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